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Insurance Pros Florida

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Insurance Professionals of America, Inc.

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We're here for you year-round, not just at enrollment.  We deal with our clients with compassion, honesty and we promise to always put YOU first.

  1. Representing Most Medicare Providers:  United HealthCare, Humana, Aetna, Cigna, Wellmed, Freedom, Optimum, United American, Mutual of Omaha, and many more.
  2. Short Term Health Policies
  3. Term Life Insurance 
  4. Whole Life Insurance 
  5. Final Expense 
  6. Dental and Vision Plans
  7. Cancer Policies
  8. HomeCare Plans

We have offices in:

Sun City Center
Lakewood Ranch

Contact Information:

Carol Ann Berman
 Independent Insurance Broker
Larry Berman
Independent Insurance Broker

(727) 420-4527     cell - Carol
(727) 420-4564    cell - Larry
(813) 634-2305     fax
email:  carolberman@outlook.com

We do house calls, too!

 We will come to your home or meet you anywhere convient to discuss your insurance needs.  There is no cost or obligation.

About Us...

Carol Ann Berman...

During my long working career, I have acquired a wide-range of experience and knowledge that has led me to where I am today.         

*I have been involved in the legal field as a Paralegal for Probate, Estate Planning and Business Law.

*I have worked in Florida's Banking and Savings & Loan Industry.

*I am a Real Estate Broker (have been for 35 years) and in the past have owned my own Brokerage.

*I was also the Owner of one (1) of the fifty (50) Federal Government Contractor Companies.  We worked with the FDIC and RTC during the Savings & Loan debacle of the late 1980's and early 1990's, doing audits and evaluations of loan portfolios, et al, to value the individual banks and savings and loans for eventual liquidation.

*Each step-up in this comprehensive background has given me a broad base for preparing for my career in insurance.

*Plus, since both Larry and I are currently on Medicare, we understand what most seniors will be going through or are already experiencing in today's healthcare arena. We work hand-in-hand together, as we strive to give the best service to our clients.

*And we work with other highly qualified partners within our joint corporate environment to offer you a 'team' for any insurance, investment and financial need you may require.

Call or email us today.  We are here to help.